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Our Advantages

Passed the TS16949/ISO9001 Certification, our factory is professional in the powder metallurgy OEM and R&D parts. By the high standard automated production line and mature powder metallurgy production technicians, and long-term cooperation with domestic top powder metallurgy research laboratories, we get the good reputation from customers around the world.

Low frequency inorganic insulation layer iron silicon soft magnetic material

Low frequency inorganic insulation layer iron silicon soft magnetic material

Factory customized Car Automatic camshaft part/signal plate/panel

Powder metallurgy automotive camshaft part, car camshaft accessories,auto camshaft parts, sintered auto part,camshaft accessories

OEM Powder Metallurgy Sintered Double Gear For power tool/Gearbox/motor

Gear grade 6-10, material: iron powder, alloy, production process: powder metallurgy, non-standard parts. Weight; 5-50g, widely used in power tools, starters


Powder metallurgy parts

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Rust prevention of powder metallurgy parts

Fe-based powder metallurgy is a high-efficiency metal forming process that is material saving, energy…

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Why choose powder metallurgy gears?

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