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Powder Metallurgy

OEM Motorcycle Camshaft Accessor

Powder Metallurgy is a continually and rapidly evolving technology embracing most metallic and alloy materials, and a wide variety of shapes. PM is a highly developed method of manufacturing reliable ferrous and non ferrous parts. The European Market alone has an annual turnover of over Six Billion Euros, with annual worldwide metal powder production exceeding one million tonnes.

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OEM iron based sintered metal parts

OEM Camshaft Decompression Valve

These powder metallurgy products can be used in different areas such as auto accessories, power tool, mechanical parts, home appliances, office equipment, spinning machine and other machines.

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Metal Powder Parts

Metal powder is the starting product for the process of powder metallurgy in which solid metal products are fabricated. Metals such as aluminum, copper, bronze, nickel, crass, steel, stainless steel, titanium and more are all commonly used to make metal powder. In addition, alloy powders can be created from a combination of these elemental materials.

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New Soft Magnetic Material replace the Silicon steel sheet

Powder Metallurgy Car Parts

At the end of 2018, the company began to develop iron core soft magnetic materials based on motor. The company developed core materials divided into high frequency SMC inorganic coated soft magnetic materials and low frequency inorganic insulating layer iron silicon soft magnetic materials. 1.Low frequency inorganic insulation layer iron silicon soft magnetic material Serial NO. Model Iron loss…

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