The Value of Powder Metallurgy in the Automotive Market

The predominant market for Press/Sinter structural Powder Metallurgy parts is the automotive sector. On average across all geographical regions, around 80% of all Powder Metallurgy structural components are for automotive applications.

Around 75% of these automotive applications are components for transmissions (automatic and manual) and for engines.

Transmission applications include:

  • Synchroniser system parts
  • Gear shift components
  • Clutch hubs
  • Planetary gear carriers
  • Turbine hubs
  • Clutch and pocket plates

Engine parts include:

  • Pulleys, sprockets and hubs, particularly those associated with the engine timing belt system
  • Valve seat inserts
  • Valve guides
  • PM lobes for assembled camshafts
  • Balancer gears
  • Main bearing caps
  • Engine manifold actuators
  • Camshaft bearing caps
  • Engine management sensor rings

Powder Metallurgy parts also find application in a range of other automotive systems:

  • Oil pumps – particularly gears
  • Shock absorbers – piston rod guides, piston valves, end valves
  • Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS) – sensor rings
  • Exhaust systems – flanges, oxygen sensor bosses
  • Chassis components
  • Variable Valve Timing systems
  • Continuously Variable Transmissions
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) systems
  • Turbochargers