Advantage of Powder Metallurgy Gear

The powder metallurgy method of manufacturing gears is an efficient, precise and flexible metal processing technology, suitable for mass production of high-strength, high-precision tolerance gears at low cost. At present, the types of gears manufactured by the powder metallurgy method are: spur gears, helical gears Gears (helix angle less than 35°), bevel gears, face gears, spur bevel gears, spiral bevel gears and hypoid gears. When the gear contains grooves, through holes, steps or bosses, this process is more obvious Its advantages

The powder metallurgy method is one of the most commonly used methods for manufacturing gears. For gears with complex structures, different gear materials can usually be selected according to different performance requirements. After sintering, the tensile strength of iron-based powder metallurgy gears is generally 35— Between 60kgf/mm~2, the accuracy of the gear can generally reach the 6th or 7th level.

  1. One-time molding

Low cost, high production efficiency, one-time molding, no need to process gear teeth after molding.

  1. Lubrication-free parts

Due to the processing characteristics of powder metallurgy, it can be made into oil-containing parts to form lubrication-free parts

  1. High resource utilization

There is no waste in the gear forming process, which is the best use of steel resources